Thanks for all the support over this last year, Ive been through a lot spiritually and my blog has been there for me the whole time. My tumblr woudnt be the same without every single one of my followers, I appreciate you!

Length: July 31st - August 10th (The next full moon) 


Reblog this post as many times as you want, I will be using a random number generator to calculate the winner.

There is only one prize compromised of six jars of tea, a tea steeper, and a directions pack.

Shipping is free

Must be 18 and willing to give a mailing address

Must be in the US (Sorry!)

Likes dont count

I will message the winner before I announce them just to make sure they are an active blog, If I dont get a response within 48 hours, I will pick a new winner :)

Dont have to be following me, but I do appreciate it ;)

No Giveaway blogs and do not create multiple accounts, I will look into the winning blog intently before announcing.

The purpose for me giving away Tea blends is so you can mix together your preferred amount of each plant to make your own flavor/strength of tea. There is a pack of directions with four blend recipies, Tranquili-Tea, Anxie-Tea, Respitory-tea, and Infirmi-Tea. Each has its own focus area being anxiety, sleeping/relaxing problems, sickness, and lungs/throat. Each Herb was chosen by me because in my opinion they are the most versatile and basic herbs for healing. There is also a directions sheet but it is just a basic guideline, feel free to try different things :)

All the herbs are local and organic, so thats a plus!

Good luck everyone! Message me with any questions :)


#lulustumblrcontest #lovelulus ❤️

#lulustumblrcontest #lovelulus ❤️


Meeting Anna and Elsa for the first time. (This was about 2 weeks before the movie came out so she didn’t really know who they were, but still, it’s clear who her favorite was going to be.)